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When I worked in the corporate world, celebrating a job well done was usually done in about 5 minutes, and then I was off to the next project. This set me up to really never feel “done” or satisfied with what I had achieved. The adrenaline of the “next new thing” made me quickly forget my accomplishments.

Why is that a problem? Because it can be easy to burn-out on the “work” of goal achievement. Especially if a goal is a big one that could take a few years to happen (such as getting a degree).

So, celebrate and reward yourself at least every week. Make it small (less than $5) – a cup of coffee as you read a good book, a new song download, a red velvet cupcake, a plant – and make it feel great.

A daily gratitude journal and a “brag” list can also help. At the end of the day, write down 5 things you’re grateful for and 5 things you did great that day (remember, it can be tiny, little things). You end the day feeling good about yourself and wake up feeling motivated to do it again!

Remember to set a nice big celebration for when you achieve your goal – a party, a new outfit, a trip – take the time to review your hard work, recognize yourself for your success and surround yourself by people who have supported you!
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