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Keep Going

As we start moving in the direction of our goals – taking action, moving forward, making changes – we often find ourselves suddenly lost. We need to take a nap – right now. We question our goals – wondering if “is this really what I want?” We distract ourselves by self-sabotaging – with a new puppy or spending the money we’ve been saving for a class or a new swimming pool.

There are limitless ways to self-sabotage. We come to a screeching halt as we enter a place that feels different – and with that difference comes fear.

I know I am self-sabotaging when I’m napping every day or looking in the refrigerator for answers.

What’s the solution? First, take a deep breath…and another…and another. Ask yourself, “Am I still committed to my goal?” If the answer is yes, ask “What tiny step can I do right now that will get me back on track?” This could be as simple as cleaning a closet – to create space to think about your goals without the gnawing thought of the pile of clothes waiting to be hung up.

If the answer is “no” – then take some time to understand your change in direction. Then ask yourself, “Am I afraid? If so, what am I afraid of?” Let your mind really answer this question. Feel the feelings related to the fear. Then take action. This may mean recommitting to your goal, choosing a different goal or taking a break.
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