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Part of achieving your goals is the day-to-day progress you make. This means pre-planning your daily action and making it a priority. Write down the one, two or three things that will get your closer to your goal. Put them into your daily plan and do them.

If I’m not paying attention, these tasks can easily fall to the bottom of the list (or even get pushed onto tomorrow’s list – not a good idea). They aren’t making me money (not yet anyway), there are a number of other things I need to do (laundry, lunch or the lawn) or I’m too scared to move (I don’t want to make the phone call, because they might say “no”).

Instead of listening and acting on the excuses to stay put – take the most important action to achieve your goals first! Then it’s over and it’s done and you can pat yourself on the back for not procrastinating.

Remember, one action a day equals 365 actions a year. That adds up to huge returns. Make it happen!
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